Excitement and Community Pride: A Night to Remember with the Blue Ridge Bobcats!

by Charles Ryan

Wytheville, Virginia - August, 9th, 2023The air was buzzing with excitement as the Blue Ridge Bobcats hosted an unforgettable Youth Hockey night at the Appalachian Regional Exposition Center (APEX) on Tuesday, August 4th. The heart of our community came alive as families gathered for an evening that celebrated not only the sport of hockey but the incredible spirit that unites us all.
A Community Gathering: Uniting Families and Players
The APEX center was transformed into a hub of energy and camaraderie, offering families an extraordinary opportunity to meet our coaching staff and some of the players who are ready to make history on the ice. The magic of the night extended to over 100 children, each taking part in an array of thrilling hockey-themed activities.
Learning the Ropes: From Shooting Techniques to Team Insights
Laughter and cheers filled the air as kids rotated between 18 interactive stations, immersing themselves in the captivating world of hockey. Among the highlights was a session led by Forward Brice French, where children learned the art of the perfect shot on a defended net - an experience they won't soon forget.
Not only did the kids get to witness firsthand how players gear up, but they also had the chance to submit questions to our team officials and the charismatic Head Coach Vojtech Zemlicka, affectionately known as Coach Zemmy.
Unleashing the Athlete Within: Challenges and Agility
Coach Zemmy, with his signature vibrant energy, summed up the night saying, "It was absolutely fantastic to see so many kids and parents showing genuine interest in hockey. Bringing this incredible sport to our area was indeed a brilliant move. We can practically feel the waves of energy and excitement from the community, and it's fueling our players' anticipation for the home opener on October 20th. Believe me, we are beyond pumped!"
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Let's create history together, one unforgettable moment at a time!
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