Introducing Coach Vojtech Zimlicka

Press Release for New Coach Hire- 
Introducing Coach Vojtech Zimlicka, “Zemmy”: A Passionate Leader for the Blue Ridge Bobcats Coaching Team
Wytheville, Virginia -July 27, 2023 - As the excitement builds for the inaugural season of the Blue Ridge Bobcats, we are thrilled to announce the addition of a passionate, experienced, and highly knowledgeable hockey player and coach to our team - Coach Vojtech Zimlicka! With a remarkable track record of helping athletes elevate their performance, Vojtech is set to make a significant impact as an essential part of the coaching staff.
Coach Vojtech Zimlicka: A Profile of Excellence
Coach Vojtech Zimlicka brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the sport of hockey. With years of experience as a player and coach, he has proven his ability to create competitive strategies and identify the challenges athletes face both on and off the ice. His proficiency in designing effective game plans for defense and offense, along with his focus on one-on-one skill development training, makes him a valuable asset to the Blue Ridge Bobcats.

Employment History and Achievements
Virginia Hockey Lab - Owner & Trainer (Roanoke, VA, October 2022):
At the Virginia Hockey Lab, Vojtech works tirelessly with youth programs, offering team training and development. His emphasis on mobility work and stretching helps athletes achieve proper form and build strength. Additionally, he has successfully created personalized improvement plans for individual athletes of all ages, ensuring their growth and progress.

SPHL‐ Rail Yard Dawgs - Assistant Coach (Roanoke, VA, October 2021 — April 2022):
Serving as an Assistant Coach with the SPHL's Rail Yard Dawgs, Zimlicka played a pivotal role in recruitment and player development, particularly focusing on defensive strategies. His keen eye for plays and game analysis helped the team make strategic decisions during intermissions and after games, ultimately contributing to the team's camaraderie and success.
Celly Sports - Hockey Trainer and Pro Shop Assistant (Salem, VA, May 2020 — October 2021):
In his role at Celly Sports, Vojtech provided fundamental training to athletes, both on and off the ice. His expertise extended to skate sharpening and inventory management, while also offering exceptional customer service and resolving issues promptly. 
Professional Hockey Player:
Coach Zemmy boasts an illustrious playing career, with experience in SPHL, Czechia 3, and FPHL. Notably, he played an instrumental role in leading his team to a Championship victory in 20-21 with the Columbus River Dragons.
Joining the Blue Ridge Bobcats Coaching Team
As Coach Zemmy takes on the role of a coach with the Blue Ridge Bobcats, we eagerly anticipate the invaluable insights and mentorship he will bring to the team. His commitment to player health and safety, strategic prowess, and passion for the sport align perfectly with the team's mission to excel in the FPHL.
Embrace the Hockey Fever!
With the Blue Ridge Bobcats' first home game approaching on Friday, October 20, and Saturday, October 21, the entire community is invited to witness history in the making. Let's unite as one to support the team, experience thrilling hockey matches, and create unforgettable memories together!
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